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1 1/2 inch 10 amp electric breaker hammer rental

A hard-hitting lightweight that has the power and maneuverability to hit with the big boys.

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1 1/2 inch 10 amp electric breaker hammer rental

Weighing in at only 12.4 pounds, this rental breaker hammer is invaluable in its ability to clear concrete, mortar and stone in tight spaces. Plugged into standard electrical service, 10 amp demolition hammers deliver 5.6 foot-pounds impact energy at a maximum of 2,800 beats per minute. It's also perfectly suited for smaller demolition projects, like breaking up a brick wall or patio where you can wedge the chisel into joints and don't need the force of a larger breaker. And it's surprisingly comfortable, with a great deal of attention paid to ergonomics and operator comfort. Plus, breaker hammers can be set with variable speed and multiple chisel positions.


OpenRental ID: 4555
Power: 10 amp, standard 115 V
Impact energy: 5.6 pounds of impact at up to 2,800 beats per minute
Weight : 12.4 pounds
Width: 4 inches

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Always wear appropriate safety equipment when working with power tools! Begin with protection for your eyes, ears, hands and feet -- and whenever busting up concrete, wear a mask.