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10 foot 5 x 7 scaffolding package

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10 foot 5 x 7 scaffolding package

Each of the three standard scaffolding packages (5, 10, 15 and 20 feet) includes hardware, frames, braces, safety rails and scaffold planks. Choices are available in terms of wheels or leveling jacks, depending on whether you are working indoors on a hard, even surface, or outdoors on even or soft surface. Also, depending on the height of the scaffolding, outriggers might be appropriate.


OpenRental ID: 4703
Platform Height: 10 feet
Width: 5 feet
Length: 7 feet

Questions & Answers

Will it fit in my van?

only if it's a full size van and only if it's empty a truck without a canopy or trailer are recommended.

Can I work on dirt?

Yes, just use the leveling jacks to make sure the scaffold is level


clear area of hazards and debris

check for overhead hazards as well

make sure you are working on a hard level surface. or have the appropriate leveling jacks and tie off bars

Do's & Don'ts

DO: have some help, although it is possible to set up alone, the job goes much easier with some help.

DON'T: Skip or leave out parts, safety is of the utmost importance when working with scaffolding.

DO: make sure your tower is level, any tilt will be exaggerated the higher up you are building.

DON'T: Use the scaffold as a hoist or to hoist anything

Operation Manuals