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10 KW portable generator rental

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10 KW portable generator rental

Honda has earned its reputation as a premium generator brand, and this portable 10 KW powerhouse is a great example. Although the unit does weigh in at a td over 400 pounds, it can be pushed or pulled around a site with a bit of effort, and also has a lift hook so the unit can be moved around with a piece of power equipment such as a loader or excavator. Although it generates a great deal of power, it is surprisingly quiet at load, generating only 76 decibels.


OpenRental ID: 4800
Maximum AC output: 10000 watts maximum (120/240V)
AC receptacles/plugins: Two 20 amp 125V GFCI Duplex receptacles; one 30 amp 125V locking plug; one 30 amp 125/250V locking plug; one 50 amp 125/250V locking plug
Run time: 4.6 hours at rated load, 7.2 hours at half load
Fuel tank capacity: 8.1 gallons
Decibel rating: 76 dB at rated load
Weight: 403 pounds
Length: 55.9 inches
Width: 26.7 inches
Height: 35.1 inches
Power: 20.8 HP gas engine
Rated AC output: 9000 watts

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