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10,000 - 12,000 pound mini excavator rental

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A mini-excavator rental that's small enough to be handy, but powerful enough for tough jobs.

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10,000 - 12,000 pound mini excavator rental

Despite a mini excavator-sized footprint, mini excavator rentals in the 12,000-pound class have the power to handle heavy jobs. digging power with its large boom and arm for a wider operating range and a new, rectangular cab design offering more room and outstanding visibility. Plus, a few creature comforts come with the "big" mini excavator rental -- specifically a wider, more roomier cab that also offers great visibility. The CASE CX55B mini excavator sets the standards for digging power with its large boom and arm for a wider operating range


OpenRental ID: 4637
Power: 37.4 HP diesel engine
Operating weight : 11,312 pounds
Arm length: 5 feet 7 inches
Maximum dig depth: 12 feet 10 inches
Reach at ground surface: 19 feet 11 inches
Dump height: 13 feet 10 inches
Lift over end, 10 feet: 4910 pounds
Lift over end, maximum reach: 2700 pounds
Boom length: 9 feet 9 inches
Overall track width: 6 feet 5 inches

Questions & Answers

Can it fit in my truck?

No, it must be on a trailer or delivered to your site.

Can i lift a boulder with it?

Yes, with a 4,500 pound max lift capacity it should lift most any rock it can grab.

can i grade my yard with it?

Yes, at 12,000 pounds it has the weight and strength to grade a yard or driveway

What control style does it use?

The machine has a control switch that allows you choose among control patterns.

Will it tear up my yard?

This is as big as a mini excavator rental gets, and there's going to be some damage any time you have a heavy tracked machine on a soil or turf surface. Do what you can to limit turning, and if possible, or throw down some plywood sheets in the pathway to the work site and the work site itself to minimize damage.


clear the area of sharp rocks and debris that could tear or damage the tracks

Call 811 and local utilities before you dig, and have any known water and gas lines marked out ahead of time.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: prep your area, clear debris

DO: Establish a safety radius around your work site, keep onlookers at a distance and within your direct view, and check blind spots regularly.

DON'T: Dig over the side of any mini excavator rental. Dig only over the front blade. Failure to do so increases the chance of tipping over.

DO: keep your bucket low, reaching up and out can cause tipping at the wrong angle. lift over the front blade to avoid this danger

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