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13 HP stump grinder rental

A lightweight stump grinder rental that's very maneuverable, and effective on smaller tree stumps, or established hedge stumps.

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13 HP stump grinder rental

This lightweight stump grinder is sort of a "tweener" that you'll find in larger rental shops with a broader product inventory. It principally was designed to grind up tree stumps up to about 10 inches in diameter as low as 12 inches below surface level. The "tweener" part is that smaller stumps often can be handled with elbow grease and brute force, and this machine may seem like overkill. And once you start approaching larger work -- or if you have multiple mid-sized stumps to take out -- and you may want to consider a larger, heavier stump grinder. To their credit,13 HP grinders are easy to move around a yard, and very effective on smaller projects.


OpenRental ID: 5096
Power: 13 HP gas engine
Drive system: Belt drive
Cutting wheel: 14 inch by 3/8 inch
Cutting depth: Up to 12 inches
Wheels : 12 inch pneumatic
Length: 63 inches
Width: 24 inches
Weight: 252 pounds

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Set up a safety perimeter. People love noisy machines that throw chips around -- whether you mark off your safety or just keep it in mind, as the operator you are responsible for keeping neighbors, kids and curiosity seekers a safe distance from the work site.