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14 inch gas powered concrete cutoff saw

Compact chop saw that can slice through concrete, masonry or metal

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14 inch gas powered concrete cutoff saw

This compact, powerful cutoff saw is a favorite of DIY'ers and contractors alike, offering great performance in a package that combines power with usability. Fitted with a 14 inch cutting wheel, this saw will make cuts up to 4.9 inches deep. Use the diamond cutting wheel for concrete, while an abrasive wheel can be used for cuts through metal or masonry. Here are some How Tos on operating a concrete saw.


OpenRental ID: 4482
Weight: 21 pounds
Maximum wheel size : 14 inches
Maximum cutting depth: 4.9 inches
Power : Gas

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Establish a safety radius -- keep onlookers or helpers at least 10 feet away from the cut-off saw while operating.

DO: Cut with the bottom half of the blade. To reduce kickbacks, only cut with the upper half of the wheel as a last resort.

DO: Read the instruction and safety manuals -- one look at this machine, and you can see that safe operating practices are mandatory!

Operation Manuals