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16 inch electric chain saw rental

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A lightweight, "green" choice in chain saws, delivering 15 amps of power for light cutting and trimming around the house.

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16 inch electric chain saw rental

If you're working on smaller cutting projects, such as trimming or limbing -- or you don't want to mess with the power and exhaust of a gas chain saw rental, this electric chain saw rental is a good choice. With a 16 inch bar and delivering 15 amps of power, this is a smart chainsaw rental, at 8 pounds light enough for nearly everyone and with plenty of power for many home jobs.


OpenRental ID: 4738
Weight : 9.4 pounds
Motor output/power: 15 amps
Bar length: Up to 16 inches

Questions & Answers

Does this electric chain saw rental work as well as a similarly sized gas chain saw?

Today's electric chain saw rentals actually are very similar in performance to a gas chain saw rental of the same bar size. Plus, you don't need to worry about mixing fuel, and the noise and fumes of a gas powered chain saw.

Is this electric chain saw rental powerful enough to cut firewood.

With a 16-inch blade, this chain saw rental probably isn't the right-sized tool for cutting firewood, whether the saw is gas- or electric-powered. However, it is a great tool for trimming and light or shoulder-height work.

Can I cut firewood with this chainsaw rental?

Any saw in the 16-inch bar range probably isn't the best choice for cutting up firewood. However, it's a great tool for light trimming, and cutting at shoulder height.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Keep in mind that although this electric version of a chain saw rental is much quieter than gas chain saw, don't be fooled -- it still is a dangerous tool that needs to be handled safely and with great care.

DO: Wear safety gear to protect your ears, eyes and hands. Wear sturdy footwear and button up any loose sleeves or clothing.

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