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18 Inch coring lawn aerator rental

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Lawn aeration helps keep your lawn healthy and beautiful. Aerators pull up to 9 plugs out of the ground per square foot, which allows the roots to get oxygen and water as well as expand.

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18 Inch coring lawn aerator rental

Nearly every spring, most lawns need a little bit of a TLC for the coming season, which is where the dethatcher rental and this gas-powered lawn aerator rental come in.

Simple to use and compact, this aerator punches out an 18 inch swath of cored holes, with as many as 6 and 9 cores per square foot, up to three inches deep.

It's fairly easy to maneuver, but operates best in straight lines, rather than when you attempt to follow a rounded lines or edges. Simple mechanical controls make it easy to set the depth of the cores you'll be punching.

Compaction is one of the main causes of unhealthy lawns. It may be caused by heavy wear or overuse of chemicals. Core aeration removes plugs of soil and thatch to improve water infiltration, drainage, and oxygen content. The best times to aerate are in the spring and early fall when soils are naturally moist and grass is growing quickly. The deeper the penetration of the aerator the better. Make several passes (3 or more is best).


OpenRental ID: 4377
Aerating width: 17.5 inch
Aerating depth: 0 to 3 inch
Aerating pattern: 4.4 x 7.8 inch
Width: 26.5 inches
Length: 48 inches
Height: 49.5 inches
Weight: 265 pounds
Work rate/capacity: 20,000 square feet per hour

Questions & Answers

Does it have reverse?

No. Forward drive only.

Can I lift it by myself?

No. At over 260 pounds, you will need ramps or at least one extra person.

How much ground does it cover?

It depends on yard size, and how many passes you make, but the machine will aerate about 20,000 square feet an hour.

How many passes should I take?

Most lawns benefit from at least 2 passes. For best results, make the passes perpendicular to each other.

Do I rake out and pick up the cores after aerating?

Granted, the cores that seem to litter the lawn after aeration aren't very attractive. But they as they break down they play an important role in renourishing your lawn. Resist the temptation to clean them up.


If it's been a hot dry summer, add water to the grass/yard to moisten and soften the soil.

Identify any sprinkler heads with a visible marker. Then avoid them when you aerate!

If you're planning to seed your lawn after you've aerated, get the seed spreader rental at the same time as the aerator rental -- you'll have best results in re-seeding if you seed immediately after aerating the yard.

Take a look at your schedule before you aerate -- Cores resulting from aeration take time to break down and re-enter the soil, so think twice before aerating your lawn even a couple of weeks before your big backyard barbecue.

Do's & Don'ts

If machine is cold, close choke before starting. Ensure that the choke is open again before operating the machine.

DON'T operate machine on steep hill. Read the operators manual to ensure you don't exceed maximum grades, which usually are about 15 degrees.

Operation Manuals