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19 foot scissor lift rental

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A scissor lift will help you reach those tall jobs safely.

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19 foot scissor lift rental

Designed for work on level slabs, this hard-tired scissor lift is highly maneuverable and offers a range of safety features for working at heights of upt to 25 feet.


OpenRental ID: 4618
Working height: 25 feet
Width : Two foot six inches
Lift capacity : 500 pounds
Weight: 2,702 pounds
Height Stowed: 6 feet 7 inches

Questions & Answers

Will it fit through a door?

Yes, at only 30 inches wide and a stowed height of 6 foot 7 inches it will fit through a standard door.


Check work area for holes, drop offs, debris, extension cords or anything else that can be run over

Check for overhead obstructions

Exercise extra caution when traveling through doorways or buildings with low clearance.

Make sure to wear a safety harness

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Clear area of all debris and obstructions, lifts are meant to be operated on a perfectly level surface.

DO: Check for overhead obstructions as well.

DO: wear a safety harness at all time while operating the lift. Safety First!

DON'T: drive over extension cords, boards, dirt, edges or any other uneven surface.

DO: Exercise caution when traveling through doorways or other low clearance areas

DON'T: use a ladder or stand on guard rails, rails are designed for fall protection only.

DON'T: Attach ropes or chains to guardrails, or attempt to use a scissor lift as a crane.

DON'T: Operate in windy/gusty conditions, or near moving vehicles.

Operation Manuals