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2300 cfm floor fan rental

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2300 cfm floor fan rental

This style of fan delivers a powerful flow of air to a base vent that can be placed floor level to help dry out a carpet, or turned on its side to blow a stream of air along a wall with wet mud or plaster.


OpenRental ID: 4604
Speeds: Three speed
Blower fan: 9 1/2 inches
Motor: 1/2 HP
Weight : 30 pounds
Airflow power: Maximum of 3,400 cubic feet per minute
Height: 18 inches
Length: 19 inches
Width : 19 inches

Questions & Answers

Will a floor fan dry my carpet out on its own?

Unless you're in a very hot, arid climate, a floor fan rental can't dry out a waterlogged carpet. Commonly, people will use a combination of dehumidifier rentals, heater rentals and floor fan rentals to dry out a soggy carpet.

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