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2,500 pound 74 HP track loader rental

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A productive and powerful choice in compact track loaders, but agile enough for residential, landscaping and light construction

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2,500 pound 74 HP track loader rental

Track loader rentals in this size are standard class for equipment rental centers. At 66 inches in width, operating weight of 8,270 pounds and a powerful 74 HP diesel engine, this loader rental offers great productivity when a smaller loader is needed, but not so small that it has to pass through a standard gate. The rubber tracks are a real advantage in several ways. First, they provide a stable platform on uneven ground and slopes. Also, with low ground pressure, they're save wear and tear on lawns and gardens. Last, in wet or muddy work conditions, compact track loader rentals provide flotation.


OpenRental ID: 4531
Weight: 8,270
Ground Pressure: 6psi
Track Width: 66 inches
Bucket Capacity: 1/2 cubic yard +
Operating bucket load: 1,890 pounds
Dump Height: 98 inches
Gross Horsepower: 74
Hydraulic Flow: 24 gpm
Fuel Tank: 20 Gallons
Height: 78.7 inches

Questions & Answers

can i grade with it?

Yes, you can grade, scrape and level with this machine.

How much can i lift?

The bucket holds roughly a 1/2 yard of material, and it can pick up 1850 pounds easily, up to 4000 pounds before tipping.

an i move a boulder with it?

Yes, depending on the shape and weight of the boulder, you should be able to pick up most rocks that need moving. However, optional forks or a grapple bucket attachment rental can make moving things like rocks or logs even easier.


Identify and mark water and sprinkler lines in the work areas -- while the tracks go easy on lawn and garden surfaces, at 8,270 pounds this tracked loader is heavy enough to damage shallow utilities.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Keep onlookers at a distance, machine has plenty of blind spots -- especially behind you.

DON'T: Turning with your load in the air can cause tipping and risk potential damage and personal injury

DO: Keep your load low when traveling

DO: Keep your bucket low and the load on the downside of any hill to prevent rolling over.

Operation Manuals