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2500 PSI pressure washer rental

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A great match in power for lighter cleaning projects, and cleaning decks, siding and other wooden surfaces.

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2500 PSI pressure washer rental

Pressure washers are one of the all-time great rental tools -- there's no better way to clean a dirty, slippery or moldy surface.However, pressure washer rentals can be overly powerful if you're not careful. The 2,500 psi pressure washer rental category is an optimal choice for lighter jobs, particularly on wood surfaces such as decks, which can easily be damaged by more powerful pressure washers. Equipment in this power category is small enough to fit in most cars, and at the top end of power required for general chores like cleaning wood surfaces.


OpenRental ID: 4362
Weight: 235 pounds
Power: 11 HP gas engine
Width: 22 inches
Gallons per minute of discharge: 4 gallons per minute
Fuel tank capacity: 1.85 gallons
Length : 40 inches
Height: 25 inches
Operating pressure: 2,500 psi

Questions & Answers

How do I make sure I'm just cleaning and not damaging my deck?

Here are five tips to ensure that you don't damage your deck or surface. First, more power can harm as much as help, so don't necessarily opt for the biggest available unit. Second, do some test passes in an area that's least visible or out of the way -- don't start at the doorway closest to the house! Third, start with the widest-spraying nozzle, and work down from there. Fourth, keep the wand moving, and try not to let the tip get too close to the surface. Last, if you're working with wood, be careful about moving the wand in parallel with the wood grain


Buy some fresh gasoline before you begin

Make sure the hose you use has tight connections -- otherwise you'll waste a lot of water.

You'll save time using the pressure washer rental by pre-soaking or pre-scrubbing the surface with chemicals or soaps.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Pressure washers easily can damage a wood surface. Begin testing out which tip to use and hose close you should bring the tip to the surface in an area where possible first-time mistakes are less visible.