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26 HP stump grinder rental

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This compact tracked stump grinder rental brings incredible power even to small spaces.

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26 HP stump grinder rental

When you've cleared out an unwanted tree and you've taken care of what's above ground, the job's only half done. You still have the stump to deal with! Here's the solution -- a tracked, self-powered stump grinder rental that with 26 hp engine provides all the power you're likely to need, and grinds stumps more than a foot below grade --deep enough to replant with a vegetable garden.

This stump grinder is powerful, easy to use and designed to maneuver in and around the average homeowner's property. At 34 inches wide, this machine can fit through standard backyard gates and openings. Since it runs on tracks, this stump grinder can access nearly any part of your property.

This stump grinder is completely self-propelled and is operated using two joysticks. Simply position the machine in front of the stump and use the joystick to control the stump grinding head. It can grind down stumps that are nearly 3 feet tall and chase stumps and roots down into the ground as deep as 12.5 inches below grade.


OpenRental ID: 4358
Weight: 1200 lbs.
Head Swing : 47" Arc
Cutting head diameter: 19 inches
Width: 34 inches
Length: 78 inches
Height: 48 inches
Cutting depth: 12.5 inches below the surface
Cutting height: 35 inches above the surface
Engine: 26 horsepower gas (regular unleaded)

Questions & Answers

Can I fit it in my car?

No. This stump grinder rental weighs more than 1,200 pounds. Whether you have a car or truck, you'll be trailering this unit.

What can break while I am renting this machine?

The grinding teeth are the most likely item to break while using this machine. They are designed to grind wood, but if they come into contact with rock, concrete or metal then they can break. Inspect the teeth at the time of pickup or delivery.

Can it drive up stairs?

No. This stump grinder can be backed up small hills, but it is not designed to be driven up stairs.

How much gas does it burn?

This machine has a 3+ gallon tank and will use about 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour.


Before you rent a stump grinder, you have to have stumps to grind, which usually means that you or nature has felled a tree. Begin with a chainsaw rental and chipper rental to clear the area and remove limbs and firewood.

After you've cleared the area, use a shovel or pick/mattock to clear any rocks away from the stump. Rocks can dull or wreck the teeth on the grinder, and damage the equipment. Clear the rocks out!

Use a chain saw to remove as much of the stump as you can -- you can cross-cut to a few inches above the ground, but keep the saw out of the dirt and don't use the chainsaw as a stump grinder.

Be very careful operating this machines on slopes since it is not designed to operate on slopes greater than 18 degrees. If you plan to work on a slope, check out the slope indicator page within the manual to review whether the slope is appropriate for this model to operate.

Make sure to have unobstructed access to your stump. This machine weighs 1200 lbs so it can not be lifted up stairs or over barriers. Clear the work area of limbs and branches or other obstructions to bringing the stump grinder to the work area.

This is a 1200 lb machine. You will either need a trailer with strong ramps or a vehicle with a strong tow hitch to tow the machine.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Safety equipment is an absolute must when using equipment of this power. At a minimum, that means ear, eye or face, hand and foot protection.

DO: Make sure you have a clear work area. Keep people, pets and anything else away from the work space. You never know when a rock or hard object might get launched from the grinding head.

DON'T: Try to operate the grinder on hills. If you do need to drive up or down a hill, make sure you (the operator) are always on the uphill side of the machine.

Operation Manuals