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3000 pound mini excavator rental

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The perfect choice in mini-excavator rentals when you need to work in close spaces.

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3000 pound mini excavator rental

This Case 3,000 pound mini excavator rental is tailor-made for narrow or tight spaces, with rubber tracks that can be retracted to 39 inches when retracted to travel through narrow areas, and expanded back to 52 inches wide for greater stability. That along with a tail swing overhang of zero and swing radius of 26 inches make this mini excavator rental just the ticket for work near fence or tree lines, foundations or other obstacles abutting an excavation site. It's also easy on the ground surface, with only 3.9 psi ground pressure.


OpenRental ID: 4641
Boom length: 5 feet 9 inches
Arm length: 3 feet 3 inches
Maximum digging depth: 7 feet 1 inch
Reach at ground surface: 12 feet 5 inches
Dump height: 8 feet 8 inches
Lifting capacity over end (10 feet): 870 pounds
Lift capacity over end (maximum reach): 870 pounds
Operating weight: 3,600 pounds

Questions & Answers

Can it fit in my truck?

No, this mini excavator rental requires a trailer, and a frame hitch on a 1/2 ton truck or larger.

Can i lift a boulder with it?

Yes, the machine can pick up 1800 pounds maximum, but that decreases the further you reach out.

Can I grade my yard with it?

Yes, it comes equipped with a digging and a grading bucket.

What control style does it use?

This machine has a control switch allowing you to run either pattern of controls.


An excavator's tracks are tough but can be damaged. Clear the area of sharp rocks and debris that could tear or damage the tracks.

Call local utilities and 811 a week before you plan to dig. In advance of an inspection visit, mark any known water or gas lines.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: A mini excavator rental's rubber tracks are tough, but they can be damaged -- and they're very expensive to replace! So prep and clear the work area of any sharp rocks and debris -- broken-up pieces of concrete commonly are a primary culprit -- that could tear or damage the tracks.

DO: Establish a safety radius, and keep any onlookers in your view, check blind spots to the side and behind you.

DON'T: Dig over the side of the machine. Dig only over the front blade. Failure to do so will greatly increase chances of tipping over.

DO: Expand the tracks fully and keep them expanded once you pass through any narrow gates or tight spaces. Only retract the tracks to the narrow setting if you need to get through a gate or tight space.

DO: Keep your bucket low -- reaching up and out can cause tipping at the wrong angle. Whenever possible, lift over the front blade to avoid tipping the mini excavator rental.

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