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35 pound electric breaker hammer rental

A proven performer in applications from breaking up rock patios and asphalt, but due to its size, light weight and breaking power, unbeaten in foundation and basement demolition

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35 pound electric breaker hammer rental

A well-designed tool and a standard in many rental equipment centers, this Bosch breaker hammer rental delivers 22 foot pounds of force at 1,300 beats per minute. And because of its light weight, this breaker rental shows its real value in angled, vertical or horizontal work that would be difficult or impossible to do with heavier breakers. But it's not just for breaking basement walls and foundations -- between the 22 pounds of impact power and 38 pound weight, this breaker can make quick work of asphalt and backyard rack patios or walls.


OpenRental ID: 4549
Chuck/bit size: 1 1/8-inch
Height: 30 inches not including bit
Impact energy: 22 pounds
Power: Standard 115 V
Weight: 38 pounds
Amps : 15
Width: 13 inches


Examine the area you plan to work to identify any pipes, lines or electrical service that could create a safety or injury issue if they were struck.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: If you're unfamiliar with breaker hammer rental operation, read the operators manual and follow safety and operating instructions.

DO: When using any breaker rental for demolition, wear safety equipment including eye and ear protection, boots or safety shoes and hard hat. Also, wear a mask any time working on concrete in close spaces.

DON'T: Breaker hammer rentals and breaker bits are built to pound straight away, not to pry! If you do pry -- especially when the breaker bit has heated up in use -- you can bend the bit, which renders it useless. Damage or replacement fees for bits can be expensive. So save the headache, and only use the breaker hammer rental to break straight away rather than as a pry bar.

Operation Manuals