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3500 psi pressure washer rental

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3500 psi pressure washer rental

No one likes horsing around heavy equipment, so thanks to Landa for easing the load with a light weight aluminum frame on its 3,500 psi pressure washer rental, and handles at both ends so two people can lift and load. Powered by a 14 HP gas engine, this pressure washer rental has the power to remove just about any moss, grime or dirt from a surface. It's also easy to roll into place, with 10-inch pneumatic tires, and once in place, shock-absorbing feet prevent the unit k from walking off on the job.


OpenRental ID: 4721
Pressure: 3,500 psi
Gallons per minute: 3.5
Length: 48 inches
Width: 27 inches
Height : 30 inches
Weight: 225 pounds
Power: 14 HP gas engine

Questions & Answers

Will it clean off moss?

Yes, moss, dirt, grime grease and much more. But be careful with a 3,500 psi pressure washer rental -- it has enough power to do some unwanted etching in your wood deck or house siding.

Will it fit in my car?

This unit will fit into just about any truck, SUV or mini-van, but is too large for most car trunks.

It doesn't seem to have any pressure?

Make sure the supply hose isn't kinked or pinched... make sure you put a tip in the end of the spray gun.


Clear the area in advance of renting the pressure washer -- and not just the surface you plan to clean, but the surrounding area. Between the pressure and volume of water that jets through this rental pressure washer, anything nearby will at least get a shower!

Rubber boots come in handy, and safety glasses are a necessity.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Wear boots and eye protection

DON'T: Start close to your job, hold the wand a couple feet away and work your way closer, at 3500 psi you have enough power to damage wood, paint and other soft materials,

DO: Hold the trigger of the spray gun as you start the machine -- this allows the water to cycle and makes starting much easier.

DON'T: leave the engine running when not spraying for an extended period of time... water running through the machine helps keep the pump cool.