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36 inch tracked trencher rental

Essential tool for anyone laying a long cable, water lines, drain lines, gas lines, irrigation, vegetation barrier or french drains.

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36 inch tracked trencher rental

The Ditch Witch exists for one purpose, and one purpose alone: to efficiently cut a channel up to 36 inches deep and six inches wide, so you can put your cable or line into the ground. It's got the power to do just that, with an 11.7 HP Honda, and the DuraTrakô track maximizes your stability.


OpenRental ID: 4908
Trench depth: Maximum 36 inches
Trench width: 6 inches
Weight: 1,020 pounds
Length: 84 inches
Width: 33 inches
Height: 47 inches
Power: 11.7 HP gas engine
Trench centerline to machine's outside left: 15 inches
Trench centerline to machine's outside right: 18 inches


Call local utilities and 811 to locate underground utilities before trenching.

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