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38 HP stump grinder rental

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A compact yet very powerful stump grinder rental for larger projects

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38 HP stump grinder rental

Even though this is the most powerful stump grinder in most equipment rental yards, the self-powered Toro STX-38 stump grinder rental is compact enough to fit through standard 35-inch wide gates. As with it's smaller 26-HP cousin, this stump grinder is track-driven, stable and simple to operate. Plus, along with the step up in power, comes hydraulic Intelli-Sweep™ technology that automatically factors in load to adjust the speed of the side-to-side grinding sweep.


OpenRental ID: 4407
Cutting Depth: 18 inches below grade
Cutting Heght: 35 inches above grade
Head Swing: 52 inches
Height: 51 inches
Length: 95 inches
Width: 34 inches
Speed: 4.5 miles per hour
Weight: 1750 pounds

Questions & Answers

Can i lift it into my truck?

This unit strictly goes on a trailer, and as noted above, the hitch should be frame-mounted, not bumper-mounted.

Can it fit through my gate?

Check your gates before you rent the equipment, but at 34 - 35 inches wide, this stump grinder is designed to fit through a standard gate.

How long will it take me?

Of course that varies widely, depending on the size or diameter of the stump, the type of tree, how long ago it was cut, and the condition of the tree. With that said, a single stump can take anywhere between 15 minutes to a couple hours to complete.

What if I break a tooth on the grinding wheel?

This is one of the most frustrating and common issues for DIY'ers using stump grinder rentals. But the fact is that wood rarely breaks grinding teeth -- rocks, dirt and gravel are the culprits. Save yourself the expense and headache of broken grinding teeth by doing a thorough job of clearing the stump area of dirt and rocks.


To put it simply, even the most powerful stump grinder isn't designed to grind rocks and dirt. Before you pick up the machine at the rental yard, take time to clear the area of loose debris, and dig a sort of trench around the perimeter of the stump to remove rocks that can damage the grinding blade or teeth -- which are made to grind wood -- not rock -- and can be costly to replace.

This is a hefty machine that requires trailering. If you do plan on hauling this yourself, make sure the vehicle and hitch are up to the task; you'll want at least a quarter-ton truck with a frame-mounted hitch. Don't attempt to tow a piece of equipment of this size and weight with a bumper-mounted ball hitch-- the bumper may not be up to the task!

The chips start flying and the decibels start soaring once you start grinding. Make sure you're prepared with safety glasses, ear protection, heavy gloves and work boots before you pick up the grinder at the rental yard.

Make sure you can get the equipment to the work site, and that the site itself is a safe place to operate from. What does that mean? For one thing, check the width of any gates to make sure you have at least 36 inches of clearance. Also, stump grinders can overturn on steep grades -- If you're working on a slope, you may want to create a flat platform in advance that will allow you to work from a level surface.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Clear the area of loose debris -- rocks and dirt are the nemesis of stump grinder blades and teeth. For safety's sake and prevent damage to the equipment, take steps to ensure that wood is the only thing your rental is grinding!

DO: Wear eye and ear protection at a minimum -- heavy gloves and clothing are advisable, and wear your steel-toed boots if you've ge them!

DO: Let the stump grinder rental do the work at the rate it's designed to work. And remember, this isn't a laser beam that vaporizes the stump -- it's a mechanical process that grinds away against a large hunk of wood! Be patient and refrain from "bearing down" into stumps and over-stress the equipment -- even with ear protection you'll be able to hear when the engine sounds like it's being stressed. Let the machine grind at it's intended speed.

DO: Make smooth passes, starting from the front of the stump and working toward the back.... grind the "front edge" down, then move in and grind the next edge. It's a bit-by-bit process that takes time, but realistically is the only way to get rid of an unwanted stump

DON'T: Grind in rocky soils. If the soil is rocky, clear out a trench around the stump to make sure you're not grinding rock and damaging grinding teeth.

DON'T: Don't encourage onlookers, and keep a safety radius of at least 25 feet. This big, noisy machine attracts attention of family and neighbors, and once you start grinding, the wood chips start flying -- which can be dangerous even if you're wearing safety equipment. As the stump grinder renter, you're responsible for the safety of work area. If you want onlookers to see what you're doing, shut the equipment down to show the progress you're making, then shoo them away before you get back to work.

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