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5 HP Tiller rental

While 5 HP tiller rentals don't have the power to be sod busters, they're extremely well suited for tilling bare soil, or an existing garden or bed.

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5 HP Tiller rental

Tiller rentals in the 5 HP range don't have the power to be sod busters like the next big step up, the 13 HP tiller, but they can be a tremendous asset when turning over bare soil or an existing garden or bed. This tiller rental tills a 26-inch swath up to 12 inches deep, or you can reverse the tines for a surface till of 2 to 4 inches.


OpenRental ID: 4354
Tilling Width: 26 inches
Tilling depth: Up to 12 inches
Weight : 130 - 160 pounds
Engine: 5 HP gas engine


To save wear and tear on the machine and yourself, water the area to soften the ground you'll be tilling the day or evening before you plan to rent a tiller.

This tiller is very handy and can be used in closer areas than larger tillers. However, it can't till through a surface layer of lawn. If you are going to be working in areas that may be too narrow for a larger tiller, plan on removing the existing layer of lawn with a sod cutter rental.