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6 Inch Wood Chipper Rental

6 answered questions

A powerful chipper rental for almost any job, capable of grinding limbs up to six inches in diameter.

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6 Inch Wood Chipper Rental

This is the smallest of a pro line of industrial-strength brush and wood chippers, and a preferred class of wood chipper in many rental yards.

The large in-feed opening into the chute makes it easy to feed limbs and brush. Also, this chipper rental has the power to chip limbs up to six inches in diameter, which takes care of most everything up to firewood you'll buck with your chainsaw rental. Safety is built into the design, with several stop bars that put the chipper into neutral when the safety bar is triggered. With a length of 133 inches from tongue to end, this trailer-mounted unit still can be hauled and maneuvered into fairly tight spaces.


OpenRental ID: 4420
Weight: 2116 pounds
Maximum Branch Diameter: 6 inches
Width: 4 feet
Maximum Tow speed: 45 miles per hour

Questions & Answers

Can I chip boards with it?

You can -- but just make sure anything you feed into the rental chipper is free of any nails or staples.

Can you shoot the chips in the back of a truck?

Yes, the shoot can swivel almost 360 degrees allowing you to shoot the chips in nearly any direction.

Can I chip leaves and debris?

It will handle smaller sized limbs and even some debris, but it's not a mulcher , and not designed for soft or wet leaves or debris.

Can I chip christmas trees

Yes, but you'll need to make sure there are no light strings or ornaments of any kind.

I've been working the chipper hard and the belt is smoking. What am i doing wrong?

If the belt is smoking ,it usually means the chipper is clogged.... and most commonly with wet or leafy stuff. Shut down the engine, open the cutting wheel area and clear any masses of vegetation, stuck branches, etc.

What if the limb is too big to fit into the mouth of the rental chipper?

Cut it into fireplace-sized pieces and start a wood pile. Even if you don't have a fireplace, someone you know will want free firewood!


Clear the ground around the chipper -- once you start operating the equipment, you want the ground around the feeding area to be clean of limbs and debris that can trip you up.

Wear tight fitting clothing -- no loose sleeves or gloves. Even though safety mechanisms are in place, anyone using a chipper should be cautious about clothing that gets snagged or caught by a branch that's being fed into the chipper teeth.

Prepare your wood piles before picking up the equipment, for two reasons. First, you don't want to spend time "on the rental clock" gathering up limbs and branches -- have piles of brush or limbs ready to go. Part of the preparation is to make orderly piles, with "small ends" or base of your limbs stacked facing the feeder -- it saves a lot of time and makes the work much easier.

Eye and ear protection is REQUIRED! Don't even think of operating a grinder without a good set of safety glasses and ear muffs that fit over your ears.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Have a clear work environment. The last thing you want is to be tripped up by loose limbs and branches laying around on the ground.

DO: wear appropriate safety gear and tight fitting clothing, especially sleeves and gloves.

DO: For smoothest chipping, feed branches' base, or "heavy end" first into the chute.

DON'T: Overload the rental chipper -- let it chip at its own rate.

DON'T: Don't run the chipper rental at low throttle. You should operate the chipper at full throttle.

DON'T: Large quantities of wet or leafy material can quickly clog a chipper. Mix limbs and twigs in with any super-green stuff!

DON'T: Stop feeding branches into the chute if the chipper gets clogged -- damage to the drive belt can occur. Turn the machine off and safely remove the clogging material. But use caution -- rental chipper blades are sharp even when not in motion.

DON'T: Invite or encourage onlookers. This chipper rental is a powerful, loud piece of equipment that can send chips flying everywhere. People standing nearby are a safety concern. Any helpers or onlookers should be wearing safety gear as well.

Do: Clean the work area as you go. Every few minutes, rake the area clean around the feeder chute.

DO: Find a handy "pushing stick" that you can use to help move tangled brush or limbs into the chipper teeth. Everyone ends up grinding up a pushing stick or two as they work -- don't worry, you can find another one among the limbs you're chipping.

DON'T: Never, ever reach into the feeding mouth to untangle limbs or debris. Even when the machine is turned off.