BE Pressure Washer- 4000 PSI


“A pressure washer is great for cleaning sidewalks, decks, driveways and house siding. With 4,000 pounds per square inch and 4 gallons per minute, this washer delivers a strong, efficient stream.”

So says the product description for this pressure washer. But I wanted to see it for myself, first hand. So yesterday, I used it and I have to say, it’s great.

I think that this device is harder to start than the others I’ve used so far, but the extra effort is worth it. I didn’t even know how filthy my sidewalks were until I sprayed them with the 40 degree nozzle. (this washer comes with 4 ‘quick- coupling nozzles.)

Then I turned it on the porch and revealed a truly messed up repair job, a quarter inch of paint and an eighth of an inch of general funk. I was hot and tired when I was finished. Holding the spray wand makes one’s hand tingle a bit. When I went out after everything dried -- I couldn’t believe the difference.

Now, at night my walkways positively glow. Gone are all the leaves and matted spider webs that I couldn’t just rinse away with the hose .

OpenRental also has accessories for this tool: a flat surface cleaner, an extension wand, and an extra 50′ of hose.