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Dingo compact utility loader rental

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The workhorse that goes where the others can't, compact utility track loader rentals like the Dingo are incredibly powerful, productive and adaptable.Begin with the basic platform: at 34.5 inches wide including a half-yard bucket, this tracked compact loader rental simply can go places that others can't.

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Dingo compact utility loader rental

The Toro Dingo is one of several choices of compact utility loader rentals that are so productive and adaptable that it strains the imagination.

Begin with the basic platform: at 34.5 inches wide including a half-yard bucket, this tracked compact loader rental simply can go places that other equipment can't -- notably through standard gates and many a "man door."

Second, weighing in at around 2,000 pounds and ground pressure of just over 5 psi, mini-loader rentals are easy on lawn-turf and garden surfaces.

Beyond that, with a zero-radius turn capability this compact utility loader rental is unequalled in the ability to work in tight spaces. But the small size belies a powerful work capacity, with by a 25 HP diesel engine that delivers 13.8 gpm of flow and 24 HP to a broad range of heavy-duty hydraulic attachments.

The controls are so simple that they're clear even for a first-time user, with single-hand joystick controls for traction and attachments. The most basic configuration of Dingo rental is fitted with a half-yard bucket that boasts a lifting capacity of 535 pounds.If you're moving a large amount of dirt, gravel or rocks, the basic Dingo mini-loader with a bucket can transform hard days behind the wheelbarrow into easy hours behind the loader!

Plus, with a slew of rental attachments, there’s no end to the projects you can tackle with a Dingo rental. Check out our blog for one take on the value of renting a Dingo


OpenRental ID: 4528
Weight: 2075 pounds
Width: 34.5 inches at track and bucket
Power: 27 HP diesel engine
Lifting capacity: 535 pounds
Track width: 9.5 inches
Height: 46 inches
Length: 70 inches

Questions & Answers

How difficult is it to change attachments on a compact loader.

Brands like Toro have bent over backwards to make exchanging attachments a simple job, with quick-change hydraulic and mechanical connections.


Read the operators manual and exercise caution! Although simple to operate, this compact loader rental is extremely powerful and demands an appropriate level of caution.

Check your slope -- Mini loaders are made to be used on relatively level surfaces, and can tip over if used on slopes that exceed manufacturer's safety and operating practices. Use the slope tool in the Operators manual to check the slope on your worksite against safety and stability recommendations in the Operators Manual.

Operation Manuals