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Gas powered 26-inch pole hedge trimmer

For high or broad hedges, nothing beats the reach and control of a gas-powered poled trimmer rental.

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Gas powered 26-inch pole hedge trimmer

When you need to trim hedge limbs and branches above shoulder height, bring out the STIHL HL 45 extended reach hedge trimmer. With a 26 long shaft, topped with a you 20-inch double sided blade, you have excellent control and reach for tall or wide hedges. blade is double-sided and features an integrated cutter guard, perfect for trimming tall or wide bushes and hedges.


OpenRental ID: 4491
Weight: 12 pounds
Blade length: 20 inches
Pole/shaft length: 26 inches
Power: Gas


Before renting a hedge trimmer, go down the hedge length with a manual "lopper," and cut back large or thick branches over 1/2 inch in diameter.

Read the operators' and safety manuals! Think about it -- you'll be operating a piece of power equipment that has slashing blades at the end of a pole. Take the time to understand how to operate the equipment safely.

Clear the area of fallen branches or clutter that could trip you up as you work.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Establish a safety radius of at least 10 feet from your work area. This is a one-person tool, and the operator should be the only one in the vicinity while it is running.

DO; Wear safety equipment to protect your hands, eyes, ears and feet.

DON'T: Wear loose clothing that could catch on branches or the trimmer blades.

DO: Wear a particle mask or respirator -- dust, pollen and mold often go flying once you start trimming the hedge.

DON'T: Work on a ladder, or climb into a hedge or tree to get that last limb you can't reach. If you need to, get an extended pole trimmer with a longer reach, or consider hiring a professional for the high work.

Operation Manuals