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Gas-powered pole chain saw rental

Safely trim hard to reach branches as high as 16 feet with this adjustable-height gas powered chain saw.

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Gas-powered pole chain saw rental

Whether using a hand saw or a small chain saw, trimming branches from a ladder can be a bad idea. There's a better way -- pole chainsaw rentals that telescope from 7 feet six inches to 11 feet six inches allow you to lop off branches as high as 16 feet while keeping your feet safely on the ground.


OpenRental ID: 4731
Weight: 16.3 pounds
Engine power: 1.5 HP gas engine
Telescoping shaft length: 7 foot 6 inches to 11 foot 6 inches
Chain saw bar length: 12 inches

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Cut lower branches first, so higher branches don't get hung up after they're cut.

DON'T: Never stand directly under a branch that you're cutting,

DO: Cut larger branches in several parts from the outer limbs inward toward the tree trunk, rather than make a single cut to remove the entire branch.

DO: Always use the harness and sling strap carrying systems provided by the rental center.

Operation Manuals