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Hydraulic tiller attachment rental for Bobcat MT compact loader rental

Teamed with a weight and power of compact loader, this tiller rental has the power and breadth to make fast work of soil preparation for larger lawn or garden projects.

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Hydraulic tiller attachment rental for Bobcat MT compact loader rental

Just mount this hydraulic tiller attachment rental on a walk-behind Bobcat MT compact loader -- or other compact loader rental brands -- and let the double-edged tines break, till and mix up to six inches deep even the hardest soils. With a 40-inch working swath and the hydraulic power provided by the diesel compact loader, you can prepare the soil more quickly and thoroughly, while hardly breaking a sweat. Because the tines can rotate forward or back, you can or top-cutting and under-cutting in either direction. And even though it this rental can charge through broad swaths, because the attachment is offset-mount, and the tiller operates in forward or reverse, you can till safely near fences or walks.


OpenRental ID: 4972
Operating weight: 475 pounds
Length: 32.9 inches
Width: 47.9 inches
Height: 24.2 inches
Maximum working depth: 6 inches
Working width: 40.6 inches
Hydraulic flow: 9 gpm minimum, 18 gpm maximum


Clear the area you'll be working of any wires, lines, cables or ropes that could get entangled in the tiller rental's tines