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Litter & Debris Vacuum Rental

Collecting leafs and debris from streets, sidewalks or yards has never been easier. Self propelled, this debris vacuum collects debris into a giant re-usable vacuum bag for simple transfer into a yard debris or trash container.

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Litter & Debris Vacuum Rental

The vacuum impeller on this machine features serrated edges so not only will you get great suction, but any debris that moves through the machine will be reduced to smaller bits. This helps collect and compact the debris to take up less space.

The clean-up applications are endless. Yards, walkways, parking lots, fence lines, flower beds, pool decks, patios or under trees. If it's outdoors and you can rake it up then this machine can vacuum it up.

The vacuum bag has mesh on the sides to allow the air to pass through (breath), but has a hard bottom to hold up the weigh of the collected material.

The height adjustment control allows you to adjust the vacuum head for flat hard surfaces or "off-road" uneven yard and turf.


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