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Log splitter rental

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Gas-powered log splitter rental -- a maul and axe may be fine if you're Paul Bunyan. If not, here's the way to take on a big pile of bucked wood.

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Log splitter rental

If you're ever felled and bucked a tree, cleared away the limbs and leaves --- then winced as you look at the huge pile of wood you're going to need to split with a maul, consider this log splitter rental instead!

Operating the splitter is simple - just place the log on the splitting beam and engage the hydraulic wedge. The wedge will push its way through the log and split it in half. This splitter has a horizontal position for those logs that can be lifted onto the machine. For the logs that can't be lifted, the splitter swings up into a vertical position.


OpenRental ID: 4456
Splitting force: 20+ tons
Cycle time: 17 seconds
Weight: 790 lbs
Length: 108 inches
Overall Width : 53 inches
Towed height: 58 inches
Operational height: 77 inches
Log Opening: 24+ inches

Questions & Answers

How much faster is it to use a powered splitter instead of just splitting it myself with an axe, wedge and a maul?

Splitting wood can be an invigorating workout, but if the pile of wood is too big, or you want to get the job done efficiently, a gas-powered log splitter is the answer. One rule of thumb is that, using a gas powered log splitter of this capacity, you can split you can split wood three or four times as fast with a log splitter rental as you can when using an ax and a maul.

Can I get it in my car or the back of my truck?

No, not this self-trailing model, which tows easily.

Can I move this machine on the work site without using a car or truck?

You should plan on using a vehicle any time you're moving the log splitter from one place to another -- even it it's only a few feet.

Will it fit through my backyard gate?

Not if you have a standard 36 inch gate. If you have an opening greater than 54 inches wide, clear access and flat surfaces then you might be able to manually roll it into the back yard.


Have your logs cut to lengths of 24 inches or less

Clear the clutter before you begin! The better organized and uncluttered your work site, the safer you'll be, and the work will go faster. If you're working on a tree that you've fallen in your yard, before you rent the log splitter, rent a wood chipper to take care of all of the leaves, sticks, twigs and limbs that might clutter your work area while splitting.

Clear a location in your street or driveway where the log splitter can be parked. Backing up the log splitter is very difficult, even for professional drivers. So don't plan on having a lot of maneuverability with the splitter behind the towing vehicle.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Establish a safety radius or operating area that no one except the operator enters. Manufacturers recommend a safety zone that extends at least 10 feet from the log splitter rental machine.

DO: Keep a clean work area -- halved or quarter logs on the ground are an invitation for you to trip and fall. Don't allow split pieces or limbs and to build up around the splitter.

DO: Wear eye, ear and hand protection, and don't wear loose clothing that could get caught in the equipment.

DO: Operate the spitter on a level, even ground -- cart logs up the hill, or better, them down the hill to the splitter. These machines are designed to be stable and safe, but NOT to be operated on a slope or hillside. And once the unit is in place, block the wheels to make sure it stays there while in use.

DO: Split logs along the grain, never across the grain, which can create a dangerous build-up of pressure that could send pieces of wood flying in all directions.

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