My Eco Lawn Is Growing

By RentalGuy

So, I installed an eco lawn in the front of my house. I had a small patch of grass there that I wanted, but it was looking rather pitiful and I was sick of trying to keep it mowed.

Bad Lawn!

I rented a sod cutter to remove the grass and moss; repurposed the organic matter in a transitional area. Then, I seeded the small area by hand with Hobbs & Hopkins Fragrant Herbal mix. I had to water a couple of times a day for a few weeks (the rainy summer helped,) to get the seed to germinate .

Now it is coming in nicely. I water every other day; lightly. In mid-fall I may cultivate and reseed any areas where itís needed. Stay tuned for more on this project and for the BIG backyard project soon to come!