New Homeowner Has Family Work Party to Install a New Lawn

By JimRental
Recently I met a couple that had recently purchased a home for their daughter. The house was unoccupied for over a year and the lawn was in bad shape. The customer's son-in-law was experienced with landscaping and confident he could install a new lawn.

It was a family project, so they really wanted all of the gear necessary to do the work in a weekend.

Luckily they discovered OpenRental and were able to install a new lawn in just one weekend.

We helped them find a sod cutter, tiller, a few bags of Turface soil builder, two types of rake, a seeder and a lawn roller.

And fortunately, within the family there was a handy pickup truck, so they could self-delivery all of the equipment and materials without too much trouble.

It's a joy to see a lawn in need of serious renovation cleaned up and newly constructed in such a short time. They worked hard and really did earn their new lawn that weekend!