Pressure Wash Now to Have Safe Driveways & Walkways

We all know that winters are wet and hard surfaces can become slick and dangerous. This is especially true when summertime has helped us forget about how slick mossy walkways get. Similarly, driveways can become soiled from parked cars and equipment but are not slippery until the rainy season.

At OpenRental we can connect you with an assortment of pressure washing tools and packages for every sort of fall cleanup. Recently we met a retired engineer in NW Portland who rented a pressure washer and surface cleaner. He had a simple home with a large driveway, back patio and wrap around walkway.

The driveway was the home of his classic Ford in the summer months. (The car was in the garage in the winter). In the rear of the property is patio. Connecting the two is the three foot wide walkway.

All three surfaces were in desperate need of a cleaning. A summer full of fun had allowed Marty the excuse of ignoring pressure washing needs of his hardscape surfaces. It was no problem, however -- the pressure washer and surface cleaner he rented was perfect for his needs and he was done in only a few short hours of work.

By mid-morning, he had all of the dried moss, debris and soiled surfaces clean and ready for the winter rains. Given how sunny it was, I'm sure he had time to take the Ford out for one more drive to the river!