Renew your lawn and till your garden now for the best fall landscape

At the end of every summer, homeowners start to make an assessment of their lawns and gardens. This is the time of year for fall DIY landscape projects.

When summer slowly becomes fall, lawns are tired from three months of drought. Gardens are sapped of nutrition and lime. Now is the ultimate time to prepare a winter garden and rebuild a lawn. Grasses have weakened and summer crops are ready to come out.
Recently I met two slightly tired but ambitious new home owners. Heather and Andrew.
They rented a number of items including a tiller to tear up the soil; a grader rake to move large amounts of soil around; a roller to flatten the soil, a heavy duty hand rake to finish the soil and a seeder to spread seed across the lawn.
In less than four hours the couple had tilled in the old grass, incorporated 50 lbs of Turface into the subsurface, rolled, raked and seeded the lawn. Additionally they had re-tilled their 10 x 20 garden plot and amended the garden with lime and finished compost.
It was a great project for a Labor Day weekend. I am sure the home grown kale chips they will be enjoying this fall will taste even better as they look out over their newly refurbished lawn and garden!