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toe-kick saw rental

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toe-kick saw rental

Toe-kick saw rentals help you accomplish some very specific home projects. First, toe-kick saws do something that no other saw can do: cut flooring and underlayment under toe kicks. Second, to cut flooring/underlayment flush against a wall, and lastly, to cut existing floor and counter tile.

Toe kick saws cut at a maximum depth of 3 1/2 inches below a floor surface.


OpenRental ID: 4979
Weight: 8 pounds
Blade diameter: 3 - 3/8 inches
Power: 11 amps, served by standard electrical service

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Read the instruction manual. Although toe-kick saw rentals are outfitted with kickback-reducing clutches, kickback is a safety concern any time you use a toe-kick saw. The manual provides helpful tips on preventing kickback. kickback forces.

DO: Operate the saw with both hands to prevent kickback. Also, kneel to the saw's side when operating to keeping hands and knees out of the probable kickback path.

Operation Manuals