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Walk-behind 14 inch concrete saw rental

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Downcut walk-behind wet saw rental fits the bill for slab, joint and asphalt demolition and repair jobs

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Walk-behind 14 inch concrete saw rental

This commercial-grade 13 HP 14-inch downcut concrete saw rental is most often used for dry or wet short-run cutting on slabs or asphalt, at a depth of up to 4 3/4 inches.


OpenRental ID: 4628
Power: 14 HP gas engine
Length: 48 inches
Width: 23 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Maximum cutting depth: 4 3/4 inches

Questions & Answers

Will it fit into my car?

It's possible to fit this rental saw into the back of an SUV or mini, but at nearly 200 pounds and nearly three feet high and long, it's probably not going into your car's trunk.


If you haven't operated a walkbehind concrete saw rental, read the instruction manual before using the equipment.

If you plan to wet-cut, of course you'll need a water source, in this case providing at least 2 gallons per minute. If you're dry cutting, make sure you have dust protection -- wearing a respirator is mandatory.

Do's & Don'ts

Avoid damaging the saw blade by keeping the blade elevated above the slab whenever you are moving the concrete saw rental while not actually cutting. Damage to blade, such as breaking a blade tooth -- can result in a replacement fee charge.

DON'T: Never transport this walk-behind concrete saw rental with the blade in place in an operating position. Always remove the blade before lifting the saw.

Operation Manuals