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Water filled lawn roller rental

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Water filled lawn roller rental

Manual lawn rollers are used as immediately before seeding a new lawn or immediately after laying new sod. The roller is great for leveling the surface and ensuring a good binding of sod roots and the underlying soil. Simply fill the hollow 18-inch diameter, 26-inch roller halfway with water and roll the lawn roller rental "across the grain" of the lengths of sod. This plastic barrel can hold 250 - 300 pounds of water when fully filled, although the only time the roller usually is fully filled is to smooth out high and low spots on established lawns.


OpenRental ID: 5024
Roller width: 26 inches
Max Weight (when full of water): 270 lbs


If you're laying a new sod lawn, make sure that you've fully completed the sod installation before you use the lawn roller rental. Inspect the sod and fill any gaps between sod lengths with a moist mixture of potting soil and soil from on-site.

Do's & Don'ts

DO: Use the roller across the grain of sod lengths, not lengthwise.

Use after tillering to do a light compaction of the of the soil. The goal is not re-pack everything you just loosened up with the tiller, but to help identify any high or low spots that need to be re-address with the rake or tiller.