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Weed eater rental

The brute of lightweight trimmers, you'll find this tool on any landscaper's trailer. Go to the rental equipment center, and follow the lead of the guys who do it every day -- put the weed eater the pros use to work!

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Weed eater rental

Power and light weight are the highlights of this Stihl gas-powered weed trimmer rental, which gives larger brush cutters a run for their money.Several heads are available, but the most commonly used are a string trimming head, and fixed blade.


OpenRental ID: 4876
Engine size: 1.2 hp gas engine
Weight: 10.6 pounds


Safety first! Bits of weed and grass start flying furiously when this trimmer is put to work. Wear safety equipment, especially eye and ear protection.

Check fuel levels and start the trimmer at the rental yard to make sure it works properly.

Do's & Don'ts

DON'T: Bad things can happen when a bladed trimmer comes into contact with rocks. If you're working in a rocky area, consider using a string trimmer instead of a bladed trimmer. Similarly, avoid potential of dangerous kickback by using a string trimmer for work along hard surfaces such as metal fences or building foundations

DO: Especially if you're working in dry conditions, or an area that has been sprayed with chemicals, wear a particle mask or respirator.

DON'T: Don't attempt to operate a weed trimmer rental with only one hand, or to reach with one hand to clear obstacles from your trimming path.

Operation Manuals